Our Story

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Brand Identity

DEAR MILER is a New York, TriBeCa-based brand that focuses on elevated travel leisure wear with detailed elements. Inspired by TriBeCa’s industrial modern fine lines with its relaxed and calm ambiance the neighborhood portrays as the motif, DEAR MILER is for commuters and travelers around the world.

Designed in minimal classic modern silhouettes that are essential to the everyday city life, along with stylish & functional elements throughout, the brand satisfies the balance between business and leisure travelers around the world by providing ideal clothes that are “New York City Chic.”

Our Quality

We use only the highest quality fabrics to ensure that our travel pieces will be around for years and exist forever in your wardrobe. We would like to introduce the main fabrics we have been using so that you can get the best travel experience.

Functional Fabric:

We use travel-friendly fabrics that have the properties of lightweight, UV cut, water absorbent, quick-dry, stretch, cooling, wrinkle-resistant, antibacterial, and temperature control. The sustainable 37.5® Technology uses the sustainable thermoregulation technology that helps us to quickly cool down when we’re hot and warm up when we’re cold.

Organic Cotton:

Grown from organic seeds without harmful chemicals that are soft, breathable, lightweight, eco-friendly, and hypoallergenic, so anyone with sensitive skin can wear our clothes with ease.

Supima Cotton:

Twice as strong as regular cotton, which helps our clothes keep in shape without over-stretching. The softness comes from the extra-long staple fibers, which also help the fabric from pilling. The delicate fibers absorb dyes better, which holds the color for a long time even after washes.    

‬Recycled Fabric:

Manufactured from discarded plastic (PET) bottles that are pulverized into small pieces to form chips that are then melted to extract yarn which is weaved into cotton to increase softness. The bio-washing technology removes fine hairs and relieve shrinkage through tumble-drying. The yarn used in the tape of YKK recycled zipper is also made from 99% post-consumer recycled material.

Our Team

Our team strives to provide high-quality clothes that you deserve and that's why we were strict on selecting our factory teams‭.‬‭ ‬Our clothes are produced based on pattern makers‭, ‬fabric‭ & ‬sewing factories that have been in the fashion industry for over 30‭ ‬years‭. Our team has a strong trusting relationship with the factories‭. ‬

The factories that have connections with us are not subject to child labor‭, ‬or unfair treatment‭. ‬They have also been working as‭ ‬a team for a long time with a good‭, ‬safe‭, ‬healthy environment and pride with their working ethic‭.‬