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Dear Miler's Travel-business wears that stand the test of time. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure that your travel pieces will be around for years and exist for another journey.

When our team was going on a vacation to business trips, we wanted to pack our belongings promptly and neatly by selecting the most necessary items. Still, we faced difficulties because we had to pack our "professional" and "travel" outfits separately. It was hard to find comfortable business wear that looked stylish and comfortable travel wear that looked formal. So, we were looking for ways to marry these two ideas to help further pack less.

We wanted every moment of our travels to be perfect and successful, whether it is a leisure or business trip. Choosing the right attire is key to a successful trip. It is frustrating to wear a classic-fit shirt that tightens your neck or makes your skin itchy on a long ride. The right gear has a positive effect on the trip, which is how Dear Miler came out to the world. DEAR MILER pursues providing you the most valuable lifetime experiences during your travel with our bleisure (business+leisure) wears. 

The Direction We took on for the future collection will represent Business Trip Essentials, Travel Moments, Travel In Simple Luxury, and Travel Light.

Let's take a close eye on our upfront effort into our products.


What elements should you prioritize when packing for a business leisure trip? - Easy-to-care and plenty of pocket items. You wouldn't want to wear similar looks and pack many items on your journey. 

Choosing the right outfits is an essential part of making your trips as perfect as you want. We know you'll want to spend your traveling days as comfortable as possible.

One of Dear Miler's signature products is the ones with detailed pockets. For example, Dear Miler's elastic-waist pants with an elastic band have a back-lip pocket with a button closer. This will help you carry small pieces without falling out of your pocket.

During your travel, you for sure want to keep every moment, by taking photos. Wouldn't it be nice to wear garments just right fits perfectly on you without wrinkles in those photos? 

Dear Miler's signature leggings are what you should add to your travel wardrobe. These modern and stylish leggings are made with creora® spandex/elastane for superior comfort and fit. They feature two side pockets and a zipper pocket at the back, providing enough space for your essential valuables such as cards and keys.

You may not want to be dressed just to look fine in comfort. Meanwhile, you are not willing to spend too much on travel wears to make you stand out.

Our products are made just for those who wants to travel in simple luxury within your personal style range. 

Dear Miler's wide pants are the best choices for a business-leisure trip. These lightweight wide pants are made with 99.9% anti-bacterial fabric, limiting bacterial and fungi build-up on textiles providing all-day comfort.

Hoodies are known for their comfort and coziness in all seasons, especially during wintertime, which some people perceive as lazy outfits. However, hoodies are the best choice for your leisure travel, as they are easy to be mixed and matched with whatever clothes you carry. In addition, Dear Miler's Blocked Hoodie provides two big patch side pockets with stopper closure and a kangaroo pocket on the front. You pack light with a design of combining two styles in one.

Plus, our lightweight transform jacket, made of 100% nylon with membrane coating, can transform into a shoulder bag, with high level of water resistance. 

Be smart by picking the most suitable travel wear to make you feel satisfied on long travel days.

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